Fees & Cancellation policy

The first trial lesson is FREE. 45minutes !!!

●If you wish to take only Skype lessons, fees will be paid
2 days in advance. If you need a face to face lesson, you will be charged
for the​ instructor's transportation fee. Teacher will receive the lesson fee directly after the lesson.
●If you wish to cancel or transfer a lesson, please contact me by email
24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time. 
●As a rule, purchased plans can't be refunded.(※Lesson can be transferred.)
●You can pay for each lesson but 5 lessons payment in advance will save you money.
※Please refer to the following charges for each plan.
​Trial Lesson and Counseling  
Let's have fun and talk together in Japanese! First trial lesson for 45min. You can find out how much Japanese ability you have. You can also get advice on what you need to study.
Please inform us of your preferred date and time from the inquiry form at least 2 days before
the trial lesson day.


PRICE : ¥0   Feel free to try and ask about lessons!

1 time  Lesson | Private Tutoring (Group lessons are negotiated)  
Lesson fee for 1 time.  If you take the Skype lesson,  please pay the lesson fee
2 days in advance.


¥ 4,000/ per 1hour   ¥ 5,500/ 1.5hour   ¥7,000/ 2hour


5 times  Lesson Plan  | Private Tutoring (Group lessons are negotiated) 
5回分のお得な割引料金です。There is no expiration date. If you take the Skype lesson,  
please pay the lesson fee 2days in advance.
 PRICE :  
 ¥ 19,000 (1lesson ¥3,800 / per 1hour ) 
 ¥ 26,000 (1lesson ¥5,200 / per 1.5 hour ) 
 ¥ 32,000 (1lesson ¥6,400 / per 2 hour )


●After the trial lesson, payment will be announced again as soon as future lessons are confirmed.

When paying lesson fees,  please use PayPal.





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Japanese Language Lesson

Email: mymethod.japan@gmail.com


I will reply to emails within 2 business days.​

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