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Japanese Language Education Consulting
・Japanese language training plan for foreigners.
・Making original courses, designing curricula, developing teaching ​materials.
・Coordinating Japanese language teachers and specialists in Japanese culture and business 
・Recruitment of international students from overseas educational institutions.
・Planning study tour programs, internship projects.

The environment and needs surrounding foreign learners at home and abroad are changing dramatically in a time of diversity. The shortcut to the goal is to move away from existing education systems and uniform teaching methods and to learn independently with methods that are suited to individual interests, values, purposes and environments.

MY METHOD aims for multicultural synergy within society and supports individuals so that the community can perform to the maximum.

Students study Japanese for ​various purposes. Daily conversation, business conversation, JLPT preparation, etc.Recently lessons for children as well as

​adults are also popular.​Students' Japanese levels vary from introductory to highly advanced.

Teachers are qualified professionals. After 420 hours of teaching training, we have lots of experience for students from many countries. Teacher sometimes uses English to help you understand meaning of Japanese grammar and vocabulary if needed.Unlike general Japanese language schools, we are good at supporting each person's ability.

Student's review
I was so impressed with the quality of lessons. Mai really cares about her students. She arranged the lessons to suit me and that is rare. I was able to not only improve my speaking skills but also passed N3 thanks to the intensive course. Thank you so much. 
Nish ・ Australia  : General conversation ,JLPT
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