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Please all so refer to the following plan.
After these lessons start, you can change your plan
●PERA PERA  Japanese
General  Conversation
●Introductory Level ●Beginner Level​●Intermediate-Advanced Level

First of all, you will learn basic greetings and fun words and phrases useful for Japanese life. You will be able to do simple conversations without using difficult grammar. As you get used to the sounds of Japanese, your speaking ability will improve!

●入門〜上級 基本的なあいさつ・日常生活で必要な便利表現など特にスピーキングを強化します。


●BARI BARI  Japanese
Business Japanese・ Intensive Lessons ​●Intermediate-Advanced Level
◉Business conversation◉Presentation◉Reading◉Writing◉Listening◉Kanji

You can learn the necessary skills such as Japanese expressions for business situations, writing e-mails, Kanji, reading and listening and correction of  reports. You can also learn the expressions for your speech and presentation and practice pronunciation and intonation.I will customize lessons to your needs.

●中級〜上級 主にビジネス社会に必要なビジネス日本語を学びます。電話応対、資料を読む、


●MEKI MEKI  Japanese
JLPT Exam Preparation

●Beginner Level N5–N4 ●Intermediate Level N3 ●Advanced Level N2–N1

You will aim to pass the JLPT test. I will not force you to memorize words and grammar for exams. We will have a lot of practice.You can also check your ability with the "Can-do list"

●初級〜上級 JLPT試験準備のためのコースです。N5からN1までの取得を目指します。


●DOKI DOKI  Japanese(10 hours)
​Survival Japanese 

●For Tourist・Short-term visitor  ●Preparation for study abroad  ●culture

You can learn some words and expressions necessary for daily situations such as  

greetings, shopping, shopping, restaurant, public transportation etc.



●WAKU WAKU  Japanese
Fun Lessons for Kids
●Reading picture books​ ●Manga・Animation for listening &​vocabulary
●Topic Conversation ●Writing Essays

In children's lessons, they will learn from picture books, comics, animations and other fun visual tools that are easy to imagine.​Children are not good at studying and memorizing for tests but they can learn more quickly if they are engaged.




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